the 9 types

i just followed a link from a site that i found through a link…
… and landed at

so i took the test, which was kind of hard to do.
about a year ago, i changed a big part of my general attitude. i made some decisions that would change the way i’d live my life. so i took it twice – once for what i would have answered a year ago, and one for the current episode of my life, but they didn’t turn out that differently: my current state is just more polarized.

the “currently”-outcome says i am

“Type 5: The Thinker. The perceptive, cerebral type. The Observer”

the test runs on points per answer, and my highest score (12) is three times the second score (ergo 4 – wow, that matrix movie really had a linguistic impact :wink:). so it’s a pretty significant rank.
it didn’t really shake me, but the following lines, taken from the description pages for Type5s hit the mark:

    How to Get Along with Me
    Help me to avoid my pet peeves: big parties, other people’s loud music, overdone emotions, and intrusions on my privacy.

    The preoccupations of Point Five include:
    Overvaluing of self-control.
    Compartmentalizing. Commitments in life are kept separate from one another. One box per commitment. Time Limit for each box.
    An attentional style of focusing on life and oneself from the point of view of an outside observer

WOW! this is exactly me!

(let’s just forget for a moment that one of the biggest intrusions on my privacy is …my own blog. and one of the strongest forces against my compartmentalizing is …my own blog. go, me!)

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