fun with letters

yesterday, stefan and lisa came over to play risk (the board game).
we never actually played risk, but instead started with scrabble, and played the settlers of catan later on.

scrabble turns out to be the number one word-creation game!
(i wonder why it took me that long to figure it out :neutral:)
how about “sont” for example? i think it’s the perfect name for …well it’s definitely not a perfect name. but i really like it – it sounds so impressive!
i think my hamster will be named SONT (in capital letters). if i’ll ever have a hamster, anyway…

the name is ideal for use in sentences like “wow, SONT stopped the bank robbers and returned the money all by himself!”
and this is how easy you design a movie: we’ve got a hero (SONT, the hamster) and the main story line (SONT stopping a bankrobbery) – that movie could take on … even the original star wars trilogy!

well, enough creativity/stupidity (the line is thin) for today.

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