-the net-

sometime ago, somebody (yeah, it won’t get more specific) wondered why i had two (computer-)displays in my room.
when i answered that it’s not actually two computers, but one computer with two displays, she (ok, just a little more specific) was kinda “oh, i see. that’s geeky, but still ok”.
anyway, when i pointed over to the tidy notebook and said that that was indeed another computer, but just one for backupping/security, she said something like “oh yeah, because otherwise you’d have one or two minutes without a computer, right?”. she said it in a nice way, but still, i kept thinking about it.

and here’s the conclusion:
for me, my computer is uniting the following things/functions:

my mail,
my telephone (not only, but more and more),
my tv,
my audio-device (cd player, …or whatever),
my banks,
my newspapers/news,
my encyclopedia, dictionary, source of knowledge,
my university – especially right now,
my very own 24/7 exhibition,
a big part of “keeping up with friends and (still) strangers”

that might not be very uncommon elsewhere, but i feel like in austria it still is.

so this is why i would gladly prefer a computer w/ internet connection to …a lot of things.
i know, i am a geek.

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