if anybody asks me “how are you doing” these days, my answer will always be the same:


of course, “i’m doing cold” doesn’t make sense in the first moment of processing – it doesn’t work in german either. it’s just that for me, the word “cold” implies “very uncomfortable”, “not leaving rooms voluntarily” and “not very communicative”. it’s clear i’m a summer guy, and with the first snow this winter, i’m feeling *pretty* uncomfortable.
just can’t see anything good in it. :sad:

so basically, my thoughts concentrate on weather in australia this time of year (and a few other things that i’m not gonna write about now)…

oh, by the way: right now, i’m sitting in my room with my winter-coat. not that it’s cold in here, but it’s warmer with the coat… :neutral:

[lyrics quote of the moment]
too far is next spring and her jubilant shout
so angels, inside
is the only way out
vienna teng – drought (link)

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