back to university

today was a great day.

having had very few sleep in the last week, using about all of my free time (and comp time) for studying, i’m feeling great!
when i went to university today for the ecology-exam, it just felt good walking on university-ground again. i couldn’t help but to smile when i entered campus.
the test (ecology of plants, animals and microorganisms) went well, i think.
so although i expected to see some familiar faces, there were none. only one person i had noticed in classes before.

therefore, i met several friends in a course (introduction on molecular biology basics) afterwards.
wow, i enjoyed attending a lecture sooo much! the topic was very interesting, and time flew.
plus, now i’m so well motivated that i’m going to take the test on thursday as well. it was good to feel like a real student once again…

right now i’m a bit dizzy (in the meaning of “numb”), though. and my eyes are burning – but what do you expect?

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