artless intelligence

today, on my way home, i was listening to the lord of the rings soundtrack.
everything feels so adventurous when you’re accompanied by lotr music!

so anyway, there was this young mother in the bus, with her really young child – it was at most 2 months old!
it was soo cute with its big wondering eyes (baby pattern is one of the most genius strategies in nature!). it was staring at faces all the time! that may sound strange, but i was impressed with how consciousness is already that much developed in a baby. i mean, no idea what it was thinking (of course), but as soon as the stared-at face went away, it had found a new one to look at.
so it’s already capable of having a generous concept of a term (“face” for instance) – not limited to one but to any face, the “face-ness” if you want so.
and after all, that’s what (still) separates us from artificial intelligence, right?

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