thoughts about life (cut)

i made an offline journal note on my brother’s handheld while we were in spain – here it is:

28/09/04 @ 10:55
something that recently came to my mind again:
how come people always complain …a lot and never try to change anything?
i think this is like the fourth time i’m writing about it. and the blog is just 3 months old! i think it’s because i tap into that attitude very often myself.

so there’s one more point on my ‘to-do-in-the-near-future’- (respectively: ‘keep-on-doing’ -) list:
stop being like an adult (complaining AND accepting) and start doing something about the things you don’t like!i have always tried to do so, but recently there have been some symptoms of ‘grown-up-dness’ showing up…

and if i can’t fight things when i should, i’m going to hang in and endure oppression – just until i’m able to fight back from the inside.
sounds a little rough now, but it’s more like a basic strategic concept.
like ‘do something about it!’

so my basic plan for now is to save up everything and enjoy afterwards. things are a lot easier if you know what you’re doing them for – and i do know that now.
also, i will continue to use my time for what i want to, not what others want. that preserves a little bit of my precious illusion of “free will”.

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