tourists & stereotypes

most… some of you know i’m playing the bass at a local folklore-show called tyrolean evening from time to time.

so now, after 4 years of playing there, i’d like to post some stereotypes on different nations.
i know stereotypes are bad things, but there seems to be some funny statistical concurrency that i noticed over time. not intended to be offensive!

so here they are:

french people tend to applaud whenever they hear something being said in their own language.

if the french applaud after the “address of welcome” in their language, the spanish do so, too (after the spanish version).
in the very rare case that the french don’t clap (most likely because there are no french) , the spaniards won’t clap either.

japanese people, especially when sitting in the first row, aparrently like to take naps during the show.
the interesting thing about it is that there’s always only one of them sleeping! as soon as he/she wakes up, someone else decides to close his/her eyes and rest for a while.

chances are 99% that at least one indian is attending the show.

great, i’ve forgotten the rest of them. well, they’ll be added as soon as they come to my mind again…

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