today was about the third sunshiny day this summer, so i just lay in the sun the whole afternoon. neat!
although some physics wouldn’t have done bad (looking forward to friday ;-) ).

since my grad-trip to kos was exactly one year ago, i decided to light a candle in the lantern that i bought in kos.
what a great time that was!
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my dad held another concert today, so i went to listen and take some pictures.
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i feel much more balanced now – and in general after listening to classical music (which btw is not very often, lately).
but as i may have stated before – there’s some kind of summer-feeling in me now, anyway. finally.
i’ve noted one big helper for motivation&co: water. i’ve finally started to drink more than just 1 litre again – and i’m totally feeling different!
try it!

today i also stumbled across that video i made in the us.
there were four guys standing in front of the very first starbucks coffee-house, singing gospels…
they really had the rhythm!
“..even if i’m feelin’ bad, i’m gonna let it shine…” is gonna be a line i’ll remember!

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