singing again

yesterday our vocal ensemble “cantus borg” (ok, we’ll need a new name for that one too!) were singing songs at a wedding.
it was my former music teacher’s sister’s wedding, to be exact.

cantus borg consists of 8 persons, 2 for each voice. and we’re all from the same school and have (mostly) known each other for some time now.
this time i enjoyed singing so much, i really am looking forward to just the next rehearsal.
there’s another wedding we were asked to sing at, that’ll be in the end of august. soo happy!

things changed at some point in the last two weeks.
it’s like summer has finally started in my head&thinking.
it’s like my mind has opened up, like i moved on.
it’s like another 2 years have gone by, and the short phase in which i’m actually looking for social interaction is there again.
i feel that i’ve started to “go towards” people again and i’ve already met many interesting new persons.

i’m getting more and more motivated now. it’s the very end of the semester, and NOW i’m motivated.
yay me!

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